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TELEIA (Duke of Zamindar / Tequila Rosa by Belenus)

Teleia is the first progeny of Duke of Zamindar and her debut on the Sluzewiec track was long awaited by everyone at Stajnia Urszula .

It often happens, that sires do not pass on the necessary chaacteristics to make good racehorses of their progeny. However, Teleia's performance on her debut race was more than satisfying. She led from the start and galloped well in a fast 1200m race to finish second to a very fast filly Kalinda. We are breeding the 18th female line, a traditional old Polish female line for years and generations and we know that the best attributes of horses from this line come with distance as stamina, soundness and a good temper are ever present ablilities.

We will not be explioting Teleia in her first year of racing, and we hope to have her run 3-4 races this year to gain the necessary experience to help her get a good start in her three yerar old campaign next year.